Avoid Late Fees - File Early

March 1, 2021

Tax Returns Fort Collins

The IRS is an organization which does not tolerate tardiness. The tax deadlines are non-negotiable and missing them will cause the individual or business to incur late fees. These can mount and become problematic the longer unpaid taxes persist. If you've been dealing with a CPA firm which relies on poor communication skills, it may be unclear if your taxes have been paid, how much you owe or why you owe certain amounts. At Geyer and Associates we work tirelessly to ensure none of our clients have to ever deal with the IRS. If a customer comes to us with IRS issues, we can help prepare tax extensions and even help craft letters to the IRS to help pay down fees. We want to assure our potential customers and clients that the IRS can be scary, but only if you are dealing with a CPA firm which is poorly equipped or lacking experience. We are capable and more than willing to assist anyone with their tax questions or letters they receive from the IRS with our decades of accrued knowledge.

Here are some simple steps to ensure you stay on top of your taxes or to avoid filing late:

  1. Know the deadlines - Wednesday, July 15 2021 is the next tax deadline. Add it to your calendar and make sure to set a reminder a month prior. This should give you plenty of time to prepare a return with a professional CPA firm.
  1. Make an Account! - You can make an account on the IRS website HERE. This allows you to see a breakdown of what your tax return resulted in. Either a refund or an amount due. If the letters fail to reach you due to issues with the mail service, this is the best way to stay up to date and pay online.
  1. Save your letters -If the IRS sends you a letter, there's a chance they may not have received your tax return or are mistaken with the fees they are assigning. This is why it is important to keep the letters and immediately relay them to your CPA.
  1. Keep your CPA up-to-date - Let your CPA know ahead of time if you are relying on them to do your taxes. They will not assume, and neither should you. Call ahead and ensure your CPA knows which taxes of your they are filing, both business and personal.
  1. Do not put off filing - We understand that taxes are scary, but they are not something to forget about or delay. Procrastination will only cost more money in the long run. Do not wait, file before the yearly deadline.

If these steps are adhered to, there should be no reason to fear the IRS. A dedicated CPA firm and ensure no customer ever feels bullied or stressed by the IRS. c