Financial Planning/Consulting In Fort Collins

August 9, 2021

Financial Planning In Fort Collins

At Geyer & Associates, we understand that life, especially when operating a business, leaves little opportunity to sit down and plan for the future financially. If you are someone who is trying to save money, but need help to plan their expenses better, we can assist you. Furthermore, if you already have money saved, yet have no direction in where to put it, we can help with that as well! As mentioned in the last blog article we put out, accountants can help save money, and prepare you better for tax season allowing for the best possible tax returns. So why not just use the accountant you already have? There are big differences between the two services and it is important to have both an accountant and a financial planner at the ready.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) vs Certified Public Accountant (CPA) What's the difference?

We tend to convey the major difference between these to financial services as Macro vs Micro. An accountant is dealing with audits, taxes, payroll and the immediate financial concerns. A financial planner is looking at long terms trends, helping plan for retirement and investments to help make money over a long period of time. When looking at this perspective the differences are clear, but we understand why many people think an accountant is enough to plan for the future. The key reason to hire a financial planner specifically is to ensure the right tools are being employed to retire with a large amount of savings or lucrative investments.

Are you ready for either?

So when do you finally decide a financial planner is necessary? Of course you can always set up a consultation, though there are some minimum requirements we recommend before calling us for financial planning services:

  • Ensure your debt is paid off or marginal
  • Creating a budget and getting out of debt if not
  • Saving for college for your children
  • Planning for retirement (at least 5 years out)
  • Making better investments
  • Insurance/Estate planning

It should be clear that once the terms "saving", "planning for the future", "kids to college" or "investments" enter the conversation, it may be time to call us for financial planning. Even if no huge changes are in the future and you simply want to get out of debt and get prepared for investing a few years down the line, financial advisors can help with that as well. It's never to early to start getting ready.

For those who didn't read our blog last week about accounting, here are our recommendations before calling us for accounting services:

  • Own a business (large or small)
  • Make more than $200,000 annually
  • Plan for your children's inheritance
  • Own rental properties
  • Anticipate receiving a large capital gain

Refer to our past blog articles or our services section for more details on accounting services we provide. In summation, if you own a business, rentals, or have seen your salary increase enough to make tax season a bit harder, call on us for accounting services.

Why not both?

Geyer & Associates employs the best CPAs in Fort Collins with decades of experience. Though it is not our main services, the Certified Financial Planners we have at our disposal are just as highly regarded and among the top financial advisors in Northern Colorado. If you've previously used us for Accounting or Tax services, inquire about our expert financial guidance. We can help you plan for the future, invest your money into the best stocks and ensure you are properly saving for retirement.