Is Tax Season Finally Behind Us?

October 10, 2022

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The actual filing deadline is over! As a CPA office, we are incredibly happy to have gotten through Tax Day 2022 in one piece. This month we aren't here to remind you of your taxes. well, we may talk a bit about your taxes, but there won't be a constant reminder that tax day is approaching! Instead we are going to discuss our other services which are just as important as filing your taxes. Our main services outside of tax filing are accounting and business consulting.

Running any business can be hard; business owners are often wearing multiple hats. In the beginning, one of those hats is often being your own accountant. We have many clients who learned QuickBooks simply to take care of their own expenses. We aren't saying this is a bad way to go about things, but a dedicated accountant is very important for a number of reasons.

  1. Organization - A dedicated accountant allows the business to stay organized while the owner can focus on the parts of a business they are best at.
  2. Taxes - With an expert at the helm of your accounting, your taxes are likely to be lower and your return is likely to be larger.
  3. Budgeting - Accountants know how to save a business money and optimize their expenses in a way that maximizes efficiency without sacrificing what makes the business great.
  4. Audits - The IRS can be very scary, but with proper accounting, you are likely to never have to face them alone or at all!
  5. Time - Monthly or quarterly meetings with an accountant beats spending hours working on the books every week. Stay up-to-date while also saving a ton of time.
  6. Peace-of-mind - If there is a team of accountants keeping an eye on the numbers, it means that the owner can worry about other problems and think less about the annoying details. The accountants can also walk the owner through budgets, optimization and how well the business is doing based on expert opinions.

Now that tax season is behind us, we return to focusing on our accounting and small business consulting services. If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable in Fort Collins' Small Business, consider hiring us to advise you on how to save money, time and headaches. You'd be surprised how a professional accountant with decades of experience can transform a business or take the small business to the next level.